“Vacation on Bali”massage

Close your eyes, surrender to the soothing touch of the therapist, and under your eyelids, see the scenery of the island with lush green mountains and spectacular beaches. Break away from the world as you enjoy the blissful traditions of holistic healing!

“Vacation on Bali” massage is an original combination of massage techniques originating from the island of Bali, which last 90 minutes.

The massage includes a 60-minute full body massage and a 30-minute choice of face and head massage or foot massage and reflexology.

The “Vacation on Bali” massage combines deep tissue massage with aromatherapy, gentle stretching and light acupressure, creating a beautifully relaxing, holistic healing treatment.

For this massage, we use natural “Vacation o Bali” oil (Haggi Cosmetics). This blend of oils and essential oils with a sweet, citrus aroma of lemongrass, sage, cedar, grapefruit and vanilla stays on the body for a long time, giving it a velvety feeling. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin E – the vitamin of youth, which wonderfully smoothes and tones our skin.

In Massage WABI, “Vacation on Bali” is at your fingertips, whenever you want.