How we operate

1. The WABI Massage is open from Monday to Sunday – 7 days a week from 14:00 to 22:00.

2. We focus on ecology – you can bring your own bath towel – then you will receive a discount of PLN 5. You can also bring your own flip-flops and stay in your own underwear during the massage. However, it is not a necessity – we have towels, disposable slippers and underwear prepared for each massage.

3. You can make an appointment for a massage before 14.00 (opening time), but you should call 24 hours in advance and make an appointment individually.

4. We know that there may be problems finding a parking space in front of WABI Massage. We encourage you to come on foot, come by bike (you can fasten your bike in the staircase). If you come by car we recommend to use the underground free car park at Biedronka, at Polanka 22 A Street. The distance of this car park from WABI Massage is only 240 m, and it will take you only 3 minutes to walk this distance. There are always a lot of free parking spaces there.

5. You can find a map with our location here. At the entrance, call the intercom – the button is marked with our name.

6. Make an appointment for a massage online or by calling 519 800 049 – if you do not have a reservation, we cannot guarantee the availability of our therapists.

7. The time of booking is the time the treatment starts – come at least 10 minutes before the scheduled massage. We will offer you Indonesian tea after the massage, but if you feel thirsty, you can always ask our receptionist for water or tea before massage.

8. If you are late for the massage, its length may be shortened by the delay time due to the next scheduled massages.

9. You can use the shower before the massage – in this case, please come half an hour earlier and ask the receptionist to prepare the bathroom for you.

Course of a visit

  1. The WABI Massage is a space of deep relaxation – please, mute your mobile phone when visiting us and speak quietly so as not to disturb others in relaxation.
  2. Come for a massage after your bath – if you need a shower, please come half an hour before the scheduled massage time and tell our receptionist about your need.
  3. We do not massage people under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  4. We do not massage people with visible symptoms of a cold, e.g. cough and runny nose.
  5. At the entrance, we will ask you to leave your outerwear and shoes in the hall. You will feel at home.
  6. We will offer you disposable slippers. However we also encourage you to bring your own flip-flops to our massage place. In this way, you protect the environment with us!
  7. Before or after the first massage, we will ask you to fill in a paper Customer Card. If you agree, we will store your data (in accordance with the principles of privacy policy) in order to better adapt our services to your needs and inform you about promotions. We are not spammers – we send massages not more often than twice a month.
  8. Before each massage, our receptionist will ask you about your preferences regarding the intensity of the massage: delicate, medium or strong, as well as about current injuries or muscle pain. Our therapists do not speak Polish, so it’s best to report all your needs and preferences to our receptionist.
  9. Take into account that most massages include the head massage. If you do not want this, for example, because you want to keep your hairstyle, let our receptionist know about it in advance.
  10. If you feel any discomfort during the treatment, let the therapist know about it.
  11. Before the massage, in a separate massage room, the therapist will make you Himalayan scented salt peeling on your feet and wash your feet in a special bowl. It is an Asian ritual used in oriental massage places for example in Thailand or Indonesia
  12. After washing your feet, the therapist will leave you for a while, and you will prepare for the massage by taking off your clothes and staying in your own underwear or wearing disposable underwear prepared for each massage. If you prefer to stay in your own underwear (a more eco-friendly solution), take into account that it can get stained with massage oil. In the massage room there is a place to hang your clothes and a place for a bag, jewelry, watch etc.
  13. Before the massage, it is best to remove the makeup – there is liquid and cotton pads in the room. The massage usually covers the face, it is certainly better not to massage make-up.
  14. Before the massage, be sure to take off your jewelry, including rings and earrings – put them in a specially prepared place. The massage also covers the hands.
  15. After getting ready for the massage, knock on the door to give signal to the therapist and lie down on the bed on your stomach and cover yourself with a towel. You can use your own bath towel for this, if you are concerned about the environment. We support this attitude – that’s why you will pay PLN 5 less for the massage
  16. The therapist will come back and start the massage. During the treatment, the therapist will ask you if its intensity is right for you.
  17. You can also ask for the music to be turned down at any time. We take care about appropriate temperature in the massage rooms however if you feel cold under the towel, please tell the therapist about it – we will provide you with blanket or turn on additional heater.
  18. When the massage is over, the therapist will let you know about it and leave the room.
  19. No need to hurry. Lie down a moment longer, then dress up slowly.
  20. At WABI Massage we do not add service fees. If you appreciate the massage, you have the option of leaving a tip for the therapist in a dedicated box
  21. After the massage, there will be Balinese tea waiting for you if you ordered it before the massage from a tea menu card. It is free of charge.
  22. If you are satisfied and you want to make an appointment for another visit – it’s best to do it right away to book the most convenient date for you. Remember that the most cost-effective is the purchase of vouchers – then you get a massage much cheaper.