WABI SABI philosophy

We invite you to our world guided by the eastern philosophy of WABI SABI, which comes from Japan.

What exactly is WABI SABI?

The name itself consists of two terms that are difficult to translate. “WABI” is simplicity and “SABI” is beauty or peace that comes with time. Taken together, they stand for beauty in imperfection.


The philosophy of WABI SABI, which is very close to our hearts, is to come to terms with the passage of time, accept unforeseen events and imperfections in life, and enjoy the happiness of simple moments.

And yet many of us live in a state of constant longing, dissatisfaction with what we have, striving to achieve an unattainable level of perfectionism …

So let’s live WABI SABI, we will be happier!

This ancient Japanese philosophy encourages us to focus on the blessings that lie in our daily lives and celebrate what it is, not what it should be.


“Nothing lasts forever, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect”

Introducing WABI SABI into our lives does not require a lot of money, training or special skills. All you need is a calm mind and a relaxed body to appreciate peace and subdued beauty. It takes courage not to be afraid to reveal your weaknesses and imperfections. The need to be willing to accept things as they are, without unnecessary adornment. The need to be willing to slow down, to tilt the scale from doing to being, from perfecting to appreciating.

Appreciating what we already have, and at the same time being aware of the fleeting nature of everything in life, is a way to go beyond the constant compulsion to want more.

WABI SABI is a state of mindfulness, living in the present and finding satisfaction in our life, even when it is so easy to fall into the trap of constantly chasing a bunny.


What connects WABI SABI with massage?

Contrary to appearances, WABI SABI has a lot to do with massage. First of all, we want the “WABI Massage” to be a place where you can calm your mind, relax your body and focus on “here and now”.

We want to help you take care of yourself holistically and enjoy deep relaxation with the help of professional therapists from Asia.

We believe that caring for our bodies is as important as caring for our mental health. These two aspects of our existence are, after all, inextricably linked with each other. When we talk about caring for our bodies, we mean a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, regular relaxation, exercise in the fresh air, and not obsessive care of your appearance, expensive aesthetic medicine treatments, murderous exercises, or very restrictive diets that deprive you of the joy of eating. Let us take into account that we cannot change everything in us. Instead of stressing over wrinkles, let us be thankful for the laughter that caused them. Instead of hiding a scar, let’s take it as our unique special feature. Of course, we realize that it is unrealistic to change our preferences for smooth skin and a firm body, but it is possible to broaden our perspective and open up to new types of beauty.


True beauty according to WABI SABI

True beauty, in the sense of WABI SABI, lies in caring for yourself, not in transforming your face into a blank canvas or striving for an unsurpassed ideal. If we stop wasting time getting rid of every imperfection, even the smallest one, covering every gray hair, we will have more time to be involved in the world, which certainly gives us real charisma and makes us shine with natural beauty, also the inner one.

Every day we try to make “WABI Massage” a cozy space for you, where you will find peace of mind and body, and a source of positive energy.

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